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New Canaan Votes


Visiting New Canaan Library: Current Information

New Canaan Library is open to visitors for quick 30-minute browsing and computer access.  At this time, we are encouraging...

Children’s Room Appointment Windows

Backyard Ranger Badge Gallery

Backyard Ranger Badge Gallery

To earn the Backyard Ranger badge, our summer readers went outside and got creative in nature.

American Artist Badge Gallery

American Artist Badge Gallery

To earn the American Artist badge, our summer readers chose an American artist, selected one of their works for inspiration,...

#Quaranteen Weekly News Volume 8

Published date May 14, 2020

You’ve Discovered the Next Adventure!

After receiving the email from Nano and decoding the message, you are brought to this website, the first clue left...

#Quaranteen Weekly News Volume 7

Published date May 7, 2020

#Quaranteen Weekly News Volume 6

Published date April 30, 2020

Family Art Challenge Week 5 Gallery

Family Art Challenge Week 5 Gallery

This week we made Harry Potter wands!