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Community Collective Poem

During poetry month we asked our community members to each contribute one line of original poetry to create a collective poem. The response was so great, we have created several poems.

Our first poem, inspired by the blooms around us is:


Sweet blossoms, push through,

searching for that breath of warm sunlight.

Hundreds of seeds grab root

in dirt pocket homes

waiting to birth tender green shoots.


The emerging spring flowers

welcomed our collective hearts.

Drifting, slimming, fluttering, petals–

I should have picked those blossoms yesterday,

before the rains came and washed them all away.


And from my window,

I see the trees dancing

and hear the wind singing.

Self-isolating, anticipating, and hoping

that spring will come to us all.

Snow flurries come on the 10th of April,

but we row on the midsummer pond, ignorant and content.

Let’s glory in the sunshine of hope and new life,

winter is past and spring is coming.

Stay strong in this precious land carved from ideas

Birds have wings like we have hope – to fly.

-New Canaan Community