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Library Parking Lot Update

After many years of anticipation, we are thrilled to finally be in the construction phase for our NEW New Canaan Library building. While our current library building remains open and operational, our onsite parking lot is now closed. Two spaces for those with accessibility permits and three short-term-parking spaces are still available on the library’s property.

Free Library parking in designated spots is available in the Center School Lot, right across Maple Street. Please refer to the drawing below for information regarding parking and pedestrian access.

Please note:  Cars may only enter from South Avenue, and may only exit onto Cherry Street. Please refer to the map above, which illustrates this pattern.  The book drop has been relocated and is now adjacent to the sliding doors.

We are committed to doing our very best to continue to provide safe access and excellent service throughout the construction period. Please do not hesitate to contact us to arrange for special accommodations as needed.

Please visit our project site to follow our building progress at newcanaannewlibrary.org

Yours sincerely,

Lisa Oldham

Executive Director