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Minecraft @ New Canaan Library

**As of 2018 our Minecraft Server is no longer operational. **

What is Minecraft?

Minecraft is a gaming community that allows players to build and construct from textured cubes. Other activities in the game include exploration, gathering resources, crafting and combat. There are three types of game play; Survival, Creative and Hardcore. Survival  consist of acquiring resources and maintaining your characters life. Creative gives  you unlimited resources to build, play and even fly. Hardcore is an enhanced and more difficult version of Survival.

What we’ve done

The Darien Library has created a virtual community using the Minecraft game.  They have set-up a dedicated server, open only to other Fairfield County libraries, with monitored access to be a safe environment for kids and teens.  The Fairfield County Minecraft server is set to Survival mode.  Each of the players will only be allowed to play in their own town’s world, but can visit any town to see what other players are doing/creating. To play on the server you must have a full version Minecraft account, which can be purchased online.  The library has two accounts to lend out for temporary play while the child is at the library.

Before players can use the server, they’ll need to come in to the library and present their library card and tell us their player name to get registered.  Within 5 days they will be granted access to the server and given permission to build in their hometown world.  We will know who each player is and how to get in touch with them should an issue arise.  Safety and fun are our top priorities!

Thinking about purchasing Minecraft?

It is a one-time fee of about $27 to purchase a membership.         https://minecraft.net/

It is worth the money! Your children will enjoy it immensely!

Player Information

The new server features a common spawn-point where all players can gather and socialize–the Central Library.

From there, you can teleport to your town’s very own world where you are free to mine, build, and craft to your heart’s content. Curious about what kids from other towns are up to?  You’re free to visit their worlds, but you can only build in your own world–the same goes for everyone else.

Worried about griefing? We’ve got it covered. The server will be running many of the popular plugins you’re used to including Grief Prevention (so that you can claim areas to build upon) and Core  Protect, so that if someone does mess with your stuff, we’ll know who it was and we can roll back the changes.

If you want to play, bring in your library card and tell us your player name and we’ll add you to the server!

Player Rules

-No Bad Language

-No Bullying

-No Griefing

 Rule Breakers

-Can be put in Jail

-Can be delisted

-Will need to talk to a librarian before they  are re-entered into the system.

The librarians have their own account and will be monitoring behavior. Every action is recorded on the server.