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Ain’t Burned All The Bright

Jason Reynolds and Jason Griffin

Kathleen and Sam dive into a truly unique book–a mixed media, collage in verse that tackles both the Covid pandemic and being a black youth in today’s America. Let’s celebrate national poetry month with powerful words that create visceral responses. Kathleen frightens Sam while gesticulating with a knife and almost admits that she loves poetry. Sam shares her passion for altered books and struggles with heavy BIPOC informed reads. Listen in to tap into your inner creative spirit and to feel less alone when there’s nothing but bad vibes in the headlines.

SHOW CONTRIBUTORS: Samantha Connell | Kathleen Crouse

What are we reading next... Nothing To See Here by Kevin Wilson

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KATHLEEN CROUSE is the Teen Librarian and a mom to Michael the Corgi (an established social media influencer).

SAMANTHA CONNELL is an Adult Services Librarian and a former Pastry Chef with a love of contact sports.

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