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Booked Solid Podcast

A podcast for Young Adult, New Adult, and Forever Young at Heart Adults

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Nothing to See Here

Kevin Wilson

Kathleen and Sam return to discuss powerful themes of friendship, family, and acceptance. It’s a bittersweet season finale that explores a beautifully rendered story about never giving up on those you love. Kathleen embraces hidden weirdness and family darkness while Sam shares big changes and gets weepy at poignant endings. Big changes are once again afoot for the podcast–we welcome a new friend and seal the deal with cookies.

SHOW CONTRIBUTORS: Samantha Connell | Kathleen Crouse | James Ludy

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KATHLEEN CROUSE is the Teen Librarian and a mom to Michael the Corgi (an established social media influencer).

SAMANTHA CONNELL is an Adult Services Librarian and a former Pastry Chef with a love of contact sports.

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