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Scratch Harry Potter Sorting Hat Game for Grades 3-5

Learn to code your own Harry Potter Sorting Hat Game in Scratch!

Logging In

You will need a Scratch account.  You can log in with an existing account at scratch.mit.edu or create one through the New Canaan Library class page.

Starter Project

Begin with the Harry Potter Sorting Hat Game Starter Project.  Remix this project to start coding your game.  You need to start with this project to follow-along!

Staying Connected

If you or your student need help with this project, please reach out to Laura at [email protected]. If asking for help with the code, make sure your Scratch project has been shared and include a link to it in your email.  Share a link to your finished game to have it included in the class studio for all to play!

Part 1: Introduction & Game Controls

Part 2: Keeping Score

Part 3: Activating a Timer

Part 4: House Sorting